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A Guide to Finding the Right Bra Fit

Bras have been around in many forms for thousands of years, and provide a great service to women of all corners of the globe. However, it can be difficult to find the right fit if you do not know what to look for or how to discover which options are best suited to your body type. This guide is designed to simplify bra shopping and allow you the chance to enjoy a well-fitted, beautiful bra that will have you looking and feeling your best, even if you are the only one aware of the garment.

Different Sizes and Styles

Some women benefit from full coverage, while others require a different style altogether. Some bras fit differently from one brand to another. To help reduce the frustration of this issue, you should remember to try on a number of different sizes and bra shapes to help determine which is the best fit for you. It is important to discover this since having a well-fitted bra can completely change the way you enjoy one day to the next, especially if you are a woman who has a fast-paced job with lots of movement involved.

Fitting Rooms

When in the fitting room and trying on your options, be sure to look for certain aspects of the bra that will tell if the fit is good, such as the under-band of the bra gripping your rib cage tightly enough so as not to slip or move during activities. The front and back of the bra should sit at the same level around your body, never with the back pulled higher due to shortened straps or the front standing out from the skin. The wires in the cups should rest against the skin between both breasts, underneath them, and at the armpits to ensure proper support and fit.

Finally, you should not have any breast tissue bulging out of the bra, and there should not be any additional fabric of the bra hanging out of the fabric. The former is an indication of a cup size that is too small, while the latter is a clear sign that your breasts are not quite filling out the cup. In either case, be sure that you replace the bra with another size that is appropriate to your needs, and you can choose from a huge selection at blossom-lingerie.com.

Common Issues

It is not uncommon for the band of the bra to be too large and not provide you with enough support. If this is the case, try reducing the size of the band while retaining the same cup size until the band is firmly wrapped around the skin but not uncomfortable. If the band is already firm, it could be that you only need to loosen the straps.

If your bra straps often dig into your shoulders, it could be that they are too short. You should look at the back to see if it is pulled higher than the front of the band. If this is the case, or if you cannot run two fingers under the straps, it is clear that you should loosen them to an appropriate length. Your straps should bring balance to the bra and not hold the sole responsibility of providing support.

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