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How to Choose the Best Hair Stylist

Everyone at one time or another has walked blindly into a salon and left it with a bad haircut and style. However, with the explosion of social media, you can find a hair stylist who garners good reviews and will style or cut your hair the way you want. Whether you are new to an area and are seeking a new stylist or believe you could make an improvement, the following tips can help you find a stylist you like.

Check Social Media

Again, browsing social media makes it easier to find a hair stylist. In just a few minutes, you can reach hundreds of people in your community by asking who they recommend. If a person loves his or her hair dresser, he or she can easily make a referral, if not a testimonial. Within a few moments, he or she will be giving you the name of the salon and the contact number or website. Social media friends can also tell you which stylists they do not recommend.

Read Online Reviews

Reading the reviews online will also help you in your quest in finding a reliable stylist. Review sites feature information about styling salons in your city and frequently include the websites and phone numbers. You can also find out more information by referring to the search engines, or Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

Check Out the Expertise of the Stylist

Look for specific qualities when making a section for the best hairdresser in Perth. For example, is the stylist well-versed at colouring hair? Or is he or she a specialist in permanents or extensions? Maybe he or she is an expert when it comes to creating short hairstyles.

Book a Consultation

Whether you use online reviews or rely on a Facebook friend’s recommendation, you should still book a consultation with the stylist first. If a salon does not offer a free consultation, look elsewhere. A consultation is normally a 15-minute appointment. Therefore, you can book a consultation on a lunch hour or after work.

During the appointment, the colourist or stylist should have pictures ready to discuss your preferences in a hairstyle or colour. Colourists should provide swatches of tones or shades that are suitable for you.

Examine the Body Language

Watch the body language of the stylist and listen closely to what he or she is saying. Make sure he or she speaks with conviction. He or she should not be defensive about how he or she works. For instance, temporary reassurances are nice but they do not indicate that the stylist is listening to what you are saying.

Check the Stylist’s Quotes against the Fees on the Salon’s Website

When you talk to the stylist, review what was said and check the salon website for pricing. Make sure that the quotes given to you during your consultation match the prices on the website. If you are confused by the pricing information, call the salon and ask about any unanticipated fees. Specialised colours such as pastels may cost more.

If you have had bad experiences with hair stylists in the past, setting up a consultation is the best way to prevent any further bad styling experiences.

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