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Why Every Man Needs to Own a Tailored Suit

Nearly everyone is aware that when you are dressed nicely, you feel more confident and attract more attention than when dressed poorly. While you may need a suit for work, every man needs to have at least one nice suit in his closet. Here are some reasons that the suit you buy needs to be tailored to fit you instead of bought off-the-rack.

Ensures Proper Fit

If you are a man who is short of stature or muscle bound, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit your body properly. Most off-the-rack suits are designed for the average sized man, who in the UK is just under 5’10” and weighs a little over 12 stone. However, if you are below or above average sized, then you will usually have to order a bespoke suit so it fits you properly.

A suit that is tailored to fit you will have the right hem length. It will not be too tight across the chest, and the jacket will have the proper sleeve length. Men who don’t wear suits regularly may not have the trousers properly hemmed or the sleeves of the jacket adjusted, and their suits won’t look quite right. When a tailor measures you, the suit will fit like a glove, which will be easily noticed by anyone who sees you.

Better Variety

Even if you do find off-the-rack suits in your size, the fabric and colour selection may be very limited. If you wear suits to work, you may not want another black, grey or blue suit, but something in a nice plaid or herringbone pattern. You will be able to order any colour, pattern or fabric for a bespoke suit, so you can get exactly what you want to add to your wardrobe.

Always Prepared

Every man needs to have at least one nice suit on hand to attend events that come up on occasion. If you are invited to a wedding, need to attend a funeral or have an important job interview, you won’t need to panic about not having the proper attire if you have a custom tailored suit in your closet. Hawes and Curtis are experts in creating tailored suits for men, so you can go to them when you’re ready to order a bespoke suit.

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Better Value

In many cases, a tailored suit is made from better fabrics than most off-the-rack suits that you find in regular men’s clothing stores. Even though you will pay more for a tailored suit, if you have one that is made from a good fabric, it will usually last much longer than the average store bought suit.

If properly cared for, a wool or wool blend suit can last for several decades, so it will be worth the investment that you make in it. If these reasons are not enough to convince you to buy a custom tailored suit, and you’re single, then consider the fact that most women love a well-dressed man and it will help you attract more attention.

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