The Denim Legging- A Versatile Garment

The Denim Legging- A Versatile Garment

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Could there be something so comfortable which lets you even sleep in for the night and you do not feel the necessity of slipping in your comfy and cosy nightwear? Could there be such a versatile piece of garment which could be matched up with any number of top options from long to short, from sleeveless to sleeved, from Indian to Western? The answer to all such questions is YES!! Yes!!! You can repeat after me… Today I am so excited while writing about one of my most favourite pieces of my closet which I can rely on whenever and with whatever. And trust me once, you will finish reading this article you will also say the same that I can trust you!!! I am talking about none other than Jegging or Legging, various names, but one piece of garment which is hard to miss and would be found in every woman’s closet.

Even though the flared Bootcut or skinny Jeans are the hype currently, but even then Jeggings have made their place in women’s heart which is no longer possible to be taken away.  Styling a Leggings does not only take a long time as it can be worn with any style of tops or footwear’s. Wearing something that suits it best will make your silhouette much longer and slimmer. Wearing this fashion staple in your own personal style may look tacky if not paired with proper footwears and top. So keeping a proper check on what to wear, how to team up and how to style and accessorize is really important when going to a particular occasion or event.

Beautiful styling for any occasion needs three important elements which should always be taken care of while you wear Jeggings.

A turn towards your Attitude

Wearing a pair of Leggings without having the confident attitude to carry it well can be a hurdle. When you want to look the part of the Fashion world and follow it so diligently then you also need to change your attitude towards it. Just wearing a Jegging or legging without giving it a thought and teaming up with any top or jacket may make you look more like a disaster than trendy. Tops like Kurtis, Tunics, and Peplums are the best-matched one can ever have to pair up with Jeggings. So you better be aware of the latest trends of women’s jeggings online and what you wear to upgrade your style.

A turn towards your Hairstyle

Having a stylish look at the formal occasions only will not serve the purpose. The focus on the hairstyle is an addition to your attitude that how you feel for a particular dress and the occasion in which you are wearing it up. Decent hairstyles like up hair-do, beehive, bob cut, crown braid, feathered hair, french braid are some of the popular styles which match up wonderfully with the Jeggings.

A turn towards your Footwears

To showcase your trendy look, Footwears are the next essential that you need to focus upon while pairing up with Jeggings. Boots whether ankle length or high length is always the first choices a lady makes while pairing up with a Jegging. But apart from these, Flats, Sandals, Sneakers, Wedges, Stilettos and Pumps also go well when you are trying to fit in a Denim Legging for your preferred occasion.

Today my topic of discussion is basically involved regarding the versatility of this staple fashion item. The occasions and events where it can be adorned beautifully and gorgeously will effortlessly make you the head turner in the crowd.

  1. Jeggings at work: – Who says formal attire needs to be in trousers or skirts only, Jeggings are the latest trendy and formal outfit one can wear for your offices. Jeggings may not be appreciated in a conservative environment, but where they are appreciated they are rewarded for being one of the finest attire. Ladies can wear this comfortable and super stretchy outfit for the entire day without facing any hurdles of being elegant but uncomfortable. Preppy style is considered the best to achieve a professional looking outfit.

Teaming up with the Cardigans, Tailored Blazers, Preppy Shirt, and Flowing Tunics would really work for you if you are planning to head to work in Jeggings. Just make sure it is completely covered and it doesn’t show off any dimples from your thighs or butts. Keeping office attire elegant yet stylish has been the main aim for a corporate personality which can be adhered to if used in Jeggings. Adding some scarf or necklace can make you ready for the day. So be a classy chic using long boots or wedges or flats and be a part of the show. Neutral shades can be searched through women jeggings online and paired with dark coloured blazers.


  1. Jeggings for casual day outs: – Casual day preparations are not that hard to match up as they are no rules and limitations to it. You can use your imaginations and ideas to be as creative as you can. Jeggings for casual outings are plenty in terms of colours, patterns and prints. Suede jeggings paired up with halter tops, tanks, shirts, big chunky sweater, all can match it up. A relaxed vibe can be exhibited with a vibrant shade of legging with solid colour top or a relaxed cardigan or sweater.

For winters, team it up with blazers, long sweaters, turtleneck tops, with long boots and shorts or skirts over it. Jeggings under long boots will offer you the warmth as well as style in the streets, whether in daytime or at night time. For summers, it will offer you a comfortable outfit to  be carried on under sleeveless shirts or tops with beach hats, tote bag and flip flop gladiators which will give an overall soothing effect.


  1. Jeggings for the First Impression:- “First impression is the last impression” is a very common saying and when we meet somebody for the first time, the first point of attraction is the dress you are wearing. It gets more important when you encounter a Job interview or meeting your in-laws for the first time, or seeing someone for the first time. And, I believe Jeggings can play a major role in creating your the best impression in front of them.

Pairing up Black Jeggings with a stylish tunic or a chic tee with a blazer would work best. For a casual meet, you might go in for flats, but for a more dressy style, you must pair it up with high heels. Tucked in shirts, a leather purse and stilettos would also make you look confident and wonderful for the first outlook. So just be yourself, carry yourself with an attitude and you will definitely leave your impression on the others.


  1. Jeggings for travel: – Travelling is one such activity where I feel style and comfort both are important whether you enjoy your itinerary via flights, cars or trains. Jeggings can be your best friend in that regard. For travelling, Jeggings are considered much more flattering, sleek, and easy to slip on and comfortable. The Lycra allows you to move comfortably while you are searching a relaxing position to sleep or sit in the chair for long hours. You can look for words like SPANDEX and LYCRA while surfing through women jeggings online.

Teaming it up with a casual tee and a scarf with a hat and sneakers can give you a vacation look which will be comfy as well as trendy. For a professional journey, you may team it up with Blazers over the top and flat bellies for a professional look which will make you reach the destination in a tailored suiting style.


  1. Jeggings for a barbecue party: – We all want to look the hottest and gracious person when we plan a barbecue evening party. And mostly ladies love to wear cocktail dresses, minis, skaters, and floor length gowns. But nobody believes in wearing Jeans or Jeggings as they feel it a bit casual attire, but if dressed up properly, these can make you the best-dressed person at the event.

Experimentation with coloured Jeggings might go well if you are not supposed to follow any dress code. Darker shades like Purple, Navy, Black (the evergreen), Red for a change would suit with patterned, sequined tops would look great. Apart from this, high heels can be accompanied with lustrous bags, silver or golden shoes, and contrasting statement and metal accessories would finish up your look for the evening.


  1. Jeggings for festivals: – Festivals are one such occasion where people make their best to enjoy the maximum and go out to watch the streets, markets, and downtown in stylish, trendy and modern ways. Halloween, Christmas are such festivals where you can look for the people around you into groups and all dresses and decked up in comfortable and stylish outfits and enjoying their best. Leggings or Jeggings can be used for such occasions to live up to your expectations of being the most voguish.

Well to make it a look for the day time, you may opt for neutral shades of tops and shrugs to complement the daytime with statement necklaces and either flip-flop gladiators or pumps depending on how much casual or dressy style you want to choose. And being the night time, it can go to any extent in terms of varying shades, makeup, and embellishments without overdoing it. For Halloween, Jeggings can be used to style in for various costumes too with casual tees and hand paintings done on tee shirts and on jeggings for a funny look.


So ladies, what you are waiting for, I believe after knowing about the versatility of leggings and jeggings, one must have at least two to three variants of the same and for your convenience, these are available online on portals like Stalkbuylove, in a huge variety. Browse through women jeggings online that will match up your personality and various occasions with pleasure.

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