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How to Refresh Your Window Display Right Now

Window displays usually need to be changed quickly, especially when situated in an area of high traffic. Read below to get inspiration on how to do this when you have very little time and few ideas.

Change the size

Look around at other store displays. If they focus on small elements, it’s time you switched to a big, bold décor element to draw the attention of passers by. It will surely make your store stand out. Of course, the opposite works, too. However, you should have the decoration fit the merchandise. It’s a good idea to have these as contrasting.

Window Display Right Now


Full size window mannequins with style still make a great impression and you can’t go wrong with these when you’re adorning them with your best products (as long as these match). Nothing catches the eye more like something that is very close to ‘the real thing’. Besides, you can change their apparel as often as you wish.

Focus on lifestyle

You know what customers you ant to attract. Then, you must incorporate some elements of their lifestyle to the window display. You don’t have to be selling these yourself, just use them as props.

Focus on lifestyle

Enhance the lightning

Perhaps you can play around with the lights – like modifying their angle. Or, you could intensify a light spot or highlight a scene by adding a mirror. The light display is a very powerful tool in showcasing merchandise.

Use 3

If you’re not doing this already, start focusing on a group of 3 objects. It could be simply the same object repeated. This number is esthetically pleasing and is known to always draw attention.

You can enhance display fixtures by making small changes. Go ahead and apply these tips, you may find a pattern that works better than anything you’ve tried before as long as you keep on changing the order and experimenting with what you have.

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