You Can Never Go Wrong With A Well Tailored Ladies Blazer

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Well Tailored Ladies Blazer

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Fashion in today’s society is highly changing and intriguing. It is interchanging constantly, trousers have taken the place of skirts and blazers have taken over blouses. With women having more powerful roles, their dressing sense has drastically shifted to more masculine way. Changes in women’s fashion are a result of cultural movements which give rise to working lifestyles of women. And so, to take up the active roles in the working force, women have certainly leveled their dressing sense to more of a dominating nature.

And to fulfill their desired dressing style, she has chosen online shopping to fulfill her requirements. E-commerce has given more powers to women to shop with no physical or temporal limitations. Today, women feel more convenient while browsing a complete range of items over her tablet, phone or computer device rather than strolling brick and mortar stores. And thus, retailers and fashion brands have readjusted their models, armed themselves with technological innovations and are trying to keep pace with more consumer demands online.

Trendy and modern outfits are no more a challenge of any kind of women to wear. She is keeping continuous pace with the latest and current scenarios of the fashion industry and experiment new styles to enhance her appearance. One such cool style of a garment is a Ladies Blazer. A Ladies blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suit jacket, but cut more casually. It is more of a formal garment and tailored from solid color fabrics. It is quite a versatile piece of garment which suits, dress shirt, tee shirts, dresses, and even jeans. By the late 2000s, the Ladies blazer had been adopted by women as a fashionable garment, often having shorter lengths, rolled up sleeves, various labels, and vibrant colors.

Kinds of Women Blazers

Gone are the days when the Blazers were women’s best friend in winters only, in those chilly temperatures outside and she needed something to hug while making her more confident and elegant. But today there is a huge variety of blazers for women online for every weather condition and for every woman type. It is no more like an 80s look with giant shoulder pads, big kudos to latest modern designers who have designed them in a completely new way and have made them more worthwhile for the modern confident women.

Fashion Trend

  1. Boyfriend Blazers: – The most popular style of today is Boyfriend blazer, it is oversized menswear-inspired, can be single breasted or double breasted. It is best suited for slender body frames. These blazers for women are lined from within to give a definition to an entire ensemble with an interesting fabric. The idea behind this blazer is as if a girl has just thrown up her boyfriend’s blazer nonchalantly for a casual look. The shoulders of these are fitted while the rest is a bit loose giving it a more casual look. You can wear it by simply rolling up the sleeves and pairing with leggings or slim pants. It should not be worn with loose jeans or skirts.
  2. Cropped Blazers: – A Cropped Blazer ends about at the waist area, or an inch higher. It is completely suitable for a tall, slender build. It can be optimally utilized for a day or an evening look, at the workplace or for a casual day out or an evening barbecue party. It can be well paired with any kind of bottoms like jeans, leggings, skirts, trousers.
  1. Bomber: – It is a modern outfit for a modern lady. It is a sport, zip front jacket, often in leather or suede. It sits snugly at the waist and does not have a puffy look of the 80s. It is best for casual weekends, running errands and gatherings with friends at cafe or restaurants. For a timeless appeal, neutral shades work best with denim pants or casual printed leggings.
  2. Fitted Blazer: – Every woman must own this blazer and must make her essential item in the wardrobe. It is best for a classy look to formal women. It’s fitting gives an attractive shape to the body frame and makes women more appealing and elegant. It is best suited to any woman with any body type. Fitted blazers are a rage with the younger crowd and older woman as it fits nicely with the body.
  3. Double Breasted: – This is the piece of fitted blazer for woman adores because of its structure with definite shoulders and two rows of buttons. Classic colors in a variety of fabulous fabrics are available in blazers for women online which can be fitted in your wardrobes easily for power dressing and boardroom meetings. A nipped-in waist will define your shape best and keep the shoulder pads to a minimum to achieve the classy look.

Fashion Trend

  1. Belted Blazer: – It is a modern update to the classic blazer. Adding a belt creates an instant waistline which nicely shapes out the curves of a woman. This piece of garment is suitable for any day look or for professional statements. It can be teamed up with a pencil skirt or slim fitted jeans for the event or occasion you want to wear.

Every blazer has its own, worth and style, and the best way to make a look classy as well as trendy is to make a look appear effortless. Forced look steals away its beauty so think before you purchase and experiment before you wear.

What a Blazer can do for you?

A Blazer is one item which women do not necessarily pack in the summers even. Between important daytime meetings and chilly date nights, there is no reason to ignore it, even for a season change.

  • If you are wearing a romper or a jumpsuit, it can help you break the ensemble to really stand out.
  • A blazer worn with super shorts extends your leg line by adding bulk to the upper half and toning and trimming your legs to make them appear longer.
  • Two items of the same color on the top and a contrasting bottom can make a modern color blocking theme.
  • The summer maxi and long dresses can be made suitable for winters by adding a blazer over it.
  • A lazy outfit can be made attention seeker by adding a printed blazer over it.
  • A flowing blazer for women looks utterly chic when layered over too many semi-sheer layers.
  • Cropped blazers for women can give an illusion of pencil skirts when worn atop body-skimming dresses which make them look appear as a formal wear.
  • Wear a tube top or a bustier by itself and cover it with a blazer and pair up with a pencil skirt or trousers to give it a formal look.
  • A blazer can drastically dress up distressed jeans and a tee-shirt, by giving the outlook a total transformation.
  • Getting dressed for work can be made little more interesting by layering up the attire with a contrasting blazer.
  • A blazer looks perfectly boho-chic with a floppy hat and ankle boots and makes you all set for traveling.
  • A masculine looking blazer creates a wonderful proximity with feminine pieces.
  • Vibrant blazers simply pop you out of the herd and make your dull dresses more attention gainer.

Blazers for women online are there in a huge variety, an ample number of fabrics, innumerable prints and designs; it is all in your hands to choose one to suit your ensemble for the day or the event. But I must say that it is a woman’s wardrobe staple and should not be ignored whatever the season may be.

Fashion Trend

Maintaining a Blazer

Being an important staple in one’s wardrobe, it demands a healthy maintenance at ones end to keep it going for long without destroying its charm and elegance.

  • Daily maintenance: – Grab a clean brush with stiff bristles to clean your blazers after each wearing. It helps you to get rid of all the unwanted particles that have settled down on the outer layer. Doing this task would help you increase your gap for the visits to a dry cleaner.
  • Alterations: – Keep an eye on the loose threads on the hems, seams, and buttons. Neglecting the same can make the problem worse. Repair them at your own or from outside timely to keep you safe from replacing them with new ones.
  • Storage: – Wire hangers can permanently damage your coats, by creating creases that are difficult to remove. Wooden hangers are the best to keep them safe for the longest period of duration to for crease-free and sharpest look.

So, purchasing a Blazer, wearing it and styling it as per your requirements would definitely make you look the best in the crowd, but try keeping them safe too so as to use them for versatile range and in the best shape.

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