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The Hundreds 2015 Winter Lookbook

This fall The Hundreds clothing range has undergone some radical changes. This collection is inspired primarily by workwear, specifically Californian workwear. This type of clothing is ideal for streetwear fans who want clothes that look good, but are highly functional and designed to keep them warm and dry in an urban street environment.

Hundreds clothing

Flannels and wools are in

As you would expect, traditional fabrics that are known for their durability and warmth feature strongly in this year’s range. These fabrics are widely used in workwear and convert surprisingly well to the streetwear look. Hardwearing, heavy denim also features in this winter’s collection.

Flannels and wools are in

A dark colour palette

This year dark colours are definitely in for streetwear. Most designers have gone for the black and white look and The Hundreds are no exception. However, they have mixed things up a bit more than some others by adding dark blues, greens and russet reds into the collection.

dark colour palette

Back to the future

As normal, The Hundreds have had some fun with their clothing this winter and have used their capsule collections to inject fresh interest into their range.

A great example is their Back to the Future collection, or Back to the Hundreds collection, which celebrates 30 years since the film was released. This collection features the iconic red puffer vest Marty wore. But, it has beenslimmed down a bit to suit the tastes of today’s consumers. The Hundreds have even had fun with technology, using their cutting edge fabrics and finishes to create a self-drying jacket, which dries superfast and is greatfor active streetwear fans.

Back to the future

Baseball caps

The Hundreds snapback is another wardrobe staple, so as you would expect there are plenty included in the winter 2015 lookbook. The classic The Hundreds snapback is ideal, whether you are skating or just hanging out with your friends, and there are 12 new versions to choose between. Meaning you will be spoilt for choice!

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