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How to Stay Friends with your Credit Card

Me and my credit card, Mona Visa, go way back. It was one of those friendships that started off beautifully — nothing but potential and endless possibilities. But once we started getting to know each other, things weren’t all fun and games. She started growing tired of my shopping habits and felt like I was just using her to get what I wanted. And I confess, I was known to test her limits from time to time. I guess it was a difference of interests that changed things for us. The good ol’ days seemed like just a memory.

But, like all good relationships, there comes a time when you have to fight for what is important. One day, I looked at my credit card, and I said: “I am willing to change my ways for you. For us.”

So I did. And me and Mona have never been better!

For all of you out there looking to salvage your relationships with your special little sidekick, here are the two best tips I can give to get you there:

1) Consolidate and Prioritize

This is especially important for other lazy people like me. How often have you truly taken stock of what you owned? Things accumulate FAST. All of those spur-of-the-moment “I’ll just see what’s on sale…” trips over the years have resulted in a giant compilation of stuff that most likely needs sorting. Try and adopt the mindset of moving into a new home or apartment: keep what you need and what you love, and learn to part with the things you can do without. You might even discover long-lost treasures you forgot you had that satisfy the need for something new! And, best of all, you’ll end up with a beautiful collection of only the things you want around, which helps curb the dissatisfaction (and keeps your credit card happy!)

2) Learn to be Skeptical and Shop Smart

I used to have a 10-minute walk home from work to the subway, right through a huge shopping center in the city. It was SO tempting to walk into a store every time their sales changed, but I’ve learned that this is not the way to go! Perusing stores is all fine and good, until that perusing turns into “just one scarf” or “a new pair of jeans” every few days. Instead, learn to put down the shiny new things and do some research at home. Even if something is on sale in stores, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it at a better price. Sometimes the online store of a retailer has better sales, and most provide free shipping over a certain amount spent! You can also search for coupons that might take the price down even further. Sites like Groupon Coupons are updated every day, which can even help you compare multiple stores and different sales throughout the week. Then, at the end of the week, take all of the items/coupons you’ve bookmarked and decide which you want the most (within the budget you and your credit card have mutually decided upon, of course.)

Remember: it’s not too late. It may take time and effort, but I assure you: your new relationship with your credit card will be worth the change!

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