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Useful Tips to Keep Your Silver Jewellery for Many Years

Silver jewellery has been into existence since ancient times. The ornaments come in the combination or as individual pieces such as necklaces, earrings and rings. You can also find that in set including all the necessary ornaments such as bangles, earrings, neckpieces, toe rings and various others. Silver is considered cheaper metal that gold. That’s why, females prefer wearing this metal. Moreover, they can match well with all types of dresses. If you have recently bought silver jewellery, you should be aware of the maintenance tips. Some of them are explained below:

Silver Jewellery

Keep in the box

It has been seen that females keep them in drawers and at place where they can pick easily. However, when exposed to environment, silver starts to lose its lustre. That’s why, it is recommended to keep them in the box. A fabric lined jewellery box or case should be used to keep your jewellery. It will prevent it from getting dull and shabby. Moreover, you should wrap them individually in plastic bags so that they don’t cause normal wear & tear and scratches.

Keep in the box

Don’t expose silver jewellery

To prevent this metal, you should not leave your jewellery pieces in open. Besides that, you should never keep it near wood especially oak wood. It will definitely damage its lustre to a great extent. Sometimes, you tend to wash your hands wearing the ornaments. It is strongly recommended not to wash your hands. You must remove it beforehand and should not keep them at the place from where they fall into the basin. This is because; it will ruin its lustre and look entirely.

Don’t expose silver jewellery

Clean your silver jewellery properly

If you want to enjoy wearing your jewellery for many more years in your life, you should clean it with appropriate cleaning agents. By doing so, you will remove the contaminations which may be formed on the surface of the jewellery.  Alternatively, you can use mild soap and water to clean it for a few times in a month. If you want to clean it properly, you can also get in touch with local jewellers in your city. They may have the solutions, which can clean your silver jewellery properly and make it look new and shiny.

silver jewellery properly

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