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Join the Global Reforestation Vision of WeWood

Sustainable living has never been easier. The idea of using products made from easily replaceable products is as popular as ever. Why should that stop at our watches? The fact is that now it doesn’t with WeWood watches crafted from a variety of beautiful woods from around the world. Not only do we use sustainable resources, most wood is sourced from reclaimed scrap wood. So instead of ending up in a scrap heap, this gorgeous wood winds up as a functional and unique timepiece around your wrist. Wearing such a piece will serve as a constant reminder to your contribution to green and sustainable living as well as inspiring others to find new ways to incorporate more sustainability into their lives. Yet another commendable action created by your purchase is knowing you are contributing to WeWood’s global reforestation project. For every watch sold, WeWood plants a tree. Knowing that you have contributed to such a bold, global undertaking to keep the forests of the world happy and healthy will give you a feeling of accomplishment. A feeling you will be reminded of every time you look at your wrist.

Reforestation Vision of WeWood

Using a variety of woods as a source to create watches gives us the ability to utilize an assortment of different shapes, colors, and styles. From the bold beauty of African blackwood, to the light-hued, soothing maple and teak, these watches make a statement about your unique sense of style. Perhaps you prefer the milder, traditional golden brown of Tasmanian blackwood or perhaps the more chocolaty Indian rosewood. Verawood offers a very unique, deep forest green which tends to dark with age. Along with this array of color choices comes a variety of sizes, styles, and functions so you are sure to be able to find the right piece that matches your expectations of what you want out of your watch. If your goal is the most sustainable watch possible, teak wood may be the best choice as the wood WeWood uses is 100% recycled so a tree is never cut down for the purpose of creating the wood watches.

Vision of WeWood

Just because we are using non-standard materials doesn’t mean quality is sacrificed. Utilizing a brand new, in house assembly line and abiding by the very strictest quality standards, our engineered designs are backed by a 2 year limited warranty for all purchases worldwide as well as a 1 year free peace of mind warranty which covers all parts as well as free shipping to and from our repair center for any purchases within the United States. You can even add an additional year to your peace of mind warranty for just an additional $10 at the time of purchase. As for the movements, they are premium Miyotamovements which allows us to keepconsistency and quality in line with our strict standards. Since 2011 WeWood has planted over 300,000 trees. Join us in contributing to our global reforestation project and show how committed you are to sustainability and green living by purchasing your WeWood watch today.

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