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How to Keep Your Jewelries Organized

Every woman has a small or big collection of jewelries and the task of keeping the jewelries organized seems really hectic to most of them; particularly when the collection grows bigger with time. The lack of organization often results in misplaced jewelry and even your most favorite ones may seem to hide when actually you need them in a hurry. At the same time, the cluttered condition of the jewelries can also result into damage of the jewelry itself ruining its total look and glamour.

So keeping them organized is really important. To keep your jewelries organized you need not to spend a lot of time; it is not a hectic task like arranging your whole wardrobe. You have to give some time at the beginning to arrange the things and once you have organized them, all you need to do is to always keep all the jewelry back at the place from where you had taken them.

Pearl Jewelries Organized

Find the right organizers

To start with, first you have to collect some jewelry organizers, plates, stands and partition boxes. Most of the times you can find many of these items already present in your home. You just have to sort them out to use them in the right way for organizing your jewelries. Designate a particular jewelry plate for your different types of jewelries. For example, you should have separate jewelry plates for the AD tops and the pearl pendant. There should be well differentiated spaces for your bangles and your chains. You can also use jewelry boxes to keep the jewelries away from moisture.

Pearl Jewelries Organized

Keep them sorted

The basic objective of jewelry organization is to keep all the type of jewelries sorted so that they can be easily picked as and when required. Also keep in mind that you should not clump pearl jewelries with stone jewelries, and it is really important to designate a completely separate space for any pearl jewelry in your collection particularly because pearls are soft and they can be scratched by the stones.

Use layered jewelry stands to store more jewelry in a minimum space without cluttering them up together. You should make it a point to hang your long chains from a height to ensure that they are in the right condition and has maximum visibility.

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