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6 Tips by Top Hollywood Costume Designers to Dress like Your Favourite TV Characters

You may have noticed how your favourite stars look way better dressed on big screens of movies and TV rather than in person, isn’t it? Well, there are many stars that have good style like Angelina Jolie but a majority of them dress rather disappointingly when it comes to real life. Credit to most of their fabulous appearance on-screen goes to their talented stylists and costume designers.

There is great pain that goes into designing clothes that go best with their character and personality. Come Halloween and theme parties and people try their best to look like their favourite star with the same kind of costumes. Here are a few tips by some of the most prominent costume designers in the television industry.

TV Characters

These tips are sure to help you get the perfect look:

  • Pay attention to silhouette, colours and emotion: Why worry about that creativity aspect when you can just copy-paste? Well, just the exact costume alone is not going to give you the right look or the best attitude to carry off the costume. The silhouette is what you must pay more attention to. Even if your costume is missing some smaller aspects, make sure the over-all silhouette is just about the same. The colours must reflect the mood and era of the character you are dressing like. A wrong colour on the costume can ruin the look. A good understanding of the emotion your character goes through will help you carry the costume better than ever. Just keep the emotions in mind and you will be as good as the actor!

colours and emotion

  • Take the characteristic of actor into consideration: When you pick your favourite TV/movie costume, you also pick their character that you will be portraying. Each character wears his/her clothes in an either crisp, dignified way or in a sloppy way or in a laid-back casual fashion. You will need to wear the costume in that similar fashion to be able to depict them aptly. The more the attention you pay to these details, better the chances of you being voted the best!

characteristic of actor

  • Pay attention to the statement you would want to make: Want to bring attention to a cause or express a lesser known aspect of your personality? Costumes can be the best opportunity to bring it all out. The bolder you are with expressing yourself via a costume, the better you will be remembered.

Pay attention to the statement

  • Keep it classy yet affordable: Nothing can be as tacky as a badly made costume. Be sure you keep it as genuine and as true to the character as you can without having to burn a deep hole in your pocket. This will need a good amount of hunting around, trying out different clothes and doing some good ground work.

Keep it classy yet affordable


  • Where to spend: Do not be afraid to mix things a little, like same character, different scenes with different costumes. Just get the mood right; splurge only where the details are noticeable. Try the TVSO Costumes because they’re certainly worth spending every penny on!

Where to spend

  • Stitch to fit: Alter if you may, because a bad-fitting costume can be an eye sore! Avoid styles that do not go well with your body type. Even in a costume, dress flatteringly. Have you seen stars wearing ill-fitting clothes? Yes, you’ve got your answer.

Stitch to fit

Apart from all the tips above, one important aspect that you must NOT forget to wear is confidence. Even if you are dressed like a hobbit, wear it like you’re proud to be one!

Author Bio – Hansel Gerald is a costume designer for a popular TV show in France and runs a line of costume shops spread across Europe.

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