Dress for Less – The Art of the Cheap but Classic Wardrobe

Dress for Less – The Art of the Cheap but Classic Wardrobe

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Clothing is something which divides many of us. It’s easy to walk down the street or around your local supermarket and spot people wearing things which you wouldn’t be seen dead in, similarly you can probably pick out a few items of clothing that you’d love to own, if only you had enough money. Everyone has their own sense of style and even if your taste is simple and unassuming, you may feel that you spend more than you’d like to on your clothes. They are, after all, an expensive luxury when you think about what the raw materials must cost.

Of course, there is a huge spectrum of clothing costs, and depending on what you think about fashion and designer makes, your clothes budget could be extremely high or relatively modest. What’s important to remember when keeping clothes costs down is that there’s always a cheaper way to do it – why not take the downshift challenge?

Dress for  Less

Designer to high street

If you’re one of those people who think that quality is worth paying for, then you won’t usually be wrong. In many cases, high-end designer branded clothing will probably last longer and be better made than that of cheap high-street alternatives. You can really only get the most out of this when you wear these garments over and over again, and many people who buy designer tend to be followers of trends who don’t wear things for years until they come back into fashion again. If you’re spending a huge amount on designer clothing which you only wear a handful of times, then it’s time to start using the high street to save cash. You can still base your outfit around a designer ‘foundation’ piece, but use the high-street for very current garments which won’t be in vogue this time next year – you’ll save a huge amount this way.

High street to second hand

High street to second hand

Buying from second hand shops is something that many people stick up their noses at. Second hand clothing conjures up images of smelly jumble sales and charity shops filled with garments that no one would ever wear, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Scouring the charity shops and vintage stores in your area for clothing which is well made and classic can be really fun, and sometimes you can uncover a veritable gold mine in your size.

High  street to second hand

Second hand to free

If you usually shop second hand, then you’ll know what a treasure trove a charity shop can be. Imagine if you could get a load of second hand clothes for free though – wouldn’t that be the ultimate way to update your wardrobe? Keep your eyes peeled for swishing events in your area. This is where people take their unwanted items of clothing and swap them for other garments that have also been brought in. No money changes hands – it’s simply a straight swap where you get to de-clutter your wardrobe and gain some new clothes at the same time.

usually shop second hand

This article has been published courtesy of our guest author Djamil. Djamil endeavours to help readers save money and reduce their outgoing by writing how to guides and top tip articles for a number of top finance websites. If you’d like to read more of his work visitThe No Fee Loan Hub.

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