Five Celebrities Who Could Have Played Piano Professionally

Five Celebrities Who Could Have Played Piano Professionally

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The piano is the most popular instrument in the world, with more people playing one than even a guitar; so it is probably not surprising that there are so many famous people that play one. It is believed that playing a musical instrument can help you in many ways, and if these famous people are anything to go by, playing the piano can certainly help you reach the heights of stardom.

Kelsey Grammar

Famous for his roles in Frazier and Cheers, Kelsey Grammar could have missed out on the awards he has won for his television roles if had followed his passion for the piano, though, as he was good enough to attend Julliard, perhaps he would have won some awards for his piano playing instead. He may even have teamed up with Cliff for a double act at the Cheers bar.

Kelsey Grammer

Jamie Fox

Though many people know that Jamie won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles, not so many realize he was playing the piano himself in many of the scenes. Is this taking method acting to extremes or simply a skill developed through years of practice? It is the years of practice. I am sure that Ray Charles would have been as happy to have listened to Jamie’s performance as the people who paid to watch the movie Ray were.

Clint Eastwood

Clint was such an accomplished piano player that he even considered it as a career before the acting took off. The star of movies like The Good the Bad and the Ugly and The Unforgiven really is a talent on the ivories, and has composed the soundtracks for many of his films. The next time you watch Million Dollar Baby or Hereafter, you will be listening to scores written by Eastwood himself, proving once again the versatility of “the man with no name”. Million Dollar Baby was co-produced, directed, scored, and starred Eastwood, and you simply have to admire such talent.

Clint Eastwood

Richard Gere

Richard Gere has proven he is more than just a pretty face over and over in his movie roles, but it is not simply his acting that sets him apart. Gere also has a talent for music, and though his instrument of choice is the trumpet, he is a talented pianist too. In The Cotton Club, he is seen playing the trumpet, the piano, and sings, and he did all these performances himself. Handsome and talented; it is no wonder Richard Gere has reached the heights in Hollywood.

Albert Einstein

Perhaps not a typical celebrity, but certainly a celebrity scientist. Einstein was a great pianist, who used it as a relaxation tool, but his skills went far beyond playing for fun. With all his connections to space and time, it makes you wonder if his favorite piece was from The Planet Suite by Gustav Holst.

Albert Einstein

Not everybody is suited to playing the piano, or even an instrument. However, if you want to follow in these illustrious footsteps, perhaps you should be trying to tinkle those ivories too.

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