5 Ways to Be Street Smart

5 Ways to Be Street Smart

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A crime or a bad situation can happen to anyone at any time, in any place. In order to protect yourself and your family you will need to stay street smart. Being aware of your surroundings, and knowing what to do in an emergency, will help you to stay safe when you are out and about. This article provides some simple advice and tips on five simple ways that you can stay street smart.

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The first thing that you can do is to enroll in some self defence classes. These classes will teach you some important techniques that you can use to defend yourself if you find yourself in a bad situation. There are classes which are designed to teach self defence to people of all ages and fitness abilities. Alternatively, you can enroll in other types of classes, such as mixed martial arts classes, as these will help to teach you things that you can use in self defence and help to increase your strength. Learning these techniques will give you increased confidence and let you go out without fear of being in a bad situation.

Avoid Unnecessary Situations

You can stay street smart by taking extra care to avoid things that could escalate into bad situations. This includes walking long distances by yourself at night when there is not many people around. You should also never walk anywhere by yourself after you have had a drink or two, as this can make you an easy target to criminals. Whenever you are going out alone, make sure that you let someone else know of your whereabouts so that they can check that you got home safely.


If in Doubt…

If you feel like you are being followed then you should call a friend as quickly as possible. You should also go into a busy and light area, such as in a store or restaurant. Your can then call a cab to take you home, or ask a friend to come and collect you. Even if it was a false alarm, it is much better to be safe then sorry.

Stay in a Group

It is always safer to stay in a larger group rather than walk by yourself. Groups of people are more of a deterrent to criminals…safety in numbers.

protect yourself

Alarms and Sprays

If you have to walk alone a lot, then you may want to consider purchase a safety alarm or pepper spray. These can help to attract attention or disable an attacker in the event of an emergency. There are different rules for what you are allowed to carry depending on the country that you live in; always check what is legal in your state or country before purchasing anything. These safety items can be purchased from specialist online retailers.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can stay street safe. Remember, if you find yourself in a bad situation try not to panic and think with a clear head. Good luck.

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