What is the Proper Attire for Horseback Riding?

What is the Proper Attire for Horseback Riding?

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There is proper attire for horseback riding not just for riders to look good but mainly because of their safety and comfort. Many people are enticed to try this activity as a hobby or sport, and as a first timer, the need for assistance from a skilled rider is necessary because it could be dangerous if you fall off the horse. Suitable clothes can also be part of your protection from getting hurt. It helps to know the proper outfit as preparation for this activity.


The most important part of your getup is a headgear. This should not be overlooked because it will protect your head in case you fall off a horse. A headgear for horseback riding is a helmet that can cover your head entirely. Helmets for riding are strapped across the chin to secure them in the head. Professional riders are even required to use certified helmets during competition. These are designed according to standards. In England, helmets are sort of a symbolism during traditional riding. Today, they are available in different materials to look nice aside from providing protection.



Horse riding wear need not be expensive especially if you are doing it for a hobby. An ordinary cotton shirt you have at home is enough, if you will ride during warm climate. You can simply add a vest or go for a thicker shirt or sweater to ride during cold weather. Traditionally, polo shirts are worn for a classic equestrian look. Bright-colored tops are recommended for visibility if you plan to go on a trail. Vest allows less restricted movement, which is why it is also preferred by equestrians. Some winter coats are designed for riding; these are created with gussets and roomy shoulders. Gloves are also excellent to add warmth.


A variety of pants can be worn depending on your riding style. You can go for your choice pants if you expect to ride for a few hours. Make sure you are comfortable to move with it. You can wear denim jeans and sweat pants, but classic stretch tights for riding are more comfortable. These tights are made of more durable fabric, and could even be bought with seat patches for better grip, and leather knee for added protection. Pants made of fleece are used for colder months.



Boots are also part of a horse riding wear. Boots come in different styles, so choose ones that you think could provide the most comfort. You can buy riding boots that are typically designed to be high enough and prevent the saddle’s leather to touch or pinch the rider’s leg. It is also made of a sturdy toe to protect the feet. It can also be designed with a distinct heel so that the foot will not slide through the stirrup. The sole is made smooth to prevent being caught on the stirrup’s tread in case of a fall. Modern boots are now made with lower heels.

Aside from these riding clothes, it is also important to note that the right undergarments be used for this activity. Women must wear sports bras for additional support and protection. Some men even wear athletic supporters. It is not difficult to find these clothes because there are shops that specifically offer clothing for horseback riding, so you simply have to choose the items that best suit your taste. Click here to check out the latest designs.

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