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How to Sell Your Original Rolex Watch – Getting the Best Value for Your Investment

A luxury watch like Rolex is more than just a useful item. It can add drama and attraction to your appearance. They can even compare it to a jewelry that will make people stare in appreciation. Since this type of watches is priced high, some people purchase them as a form of a valuable investment.

The main concern of those who wanted to sell their Rolex watch is the emergence of fake dealers and sometimes it is difficult for them to tell if the companies are legitimate and can provide the right valuation for their items. With the advancement of technology a lot of people are trying to duplicate the original Rolex watch and many other luxury watches. For this reason many dealers who buy watches from private sellers are careful about purchasing an item. If you are a seller and you do not want to waste your hard earned money you must be careful also in choosing a company where you can sell your collection and read tips that can help you.

Tips in Selling Original Rolex Watches Online

  • Check for the right sources – The internet is the easiest and most convenient way of looking for great dealers of Rolex watches. If you are planning to sell Rolex watch, look for a reputable dealer that has experts who are knowledgeable in pricing your watch. Find information about the items they are selling. Even if you are going to sell it in your local boutique, you still need to be certain if they authorized or not.

sell Rolex watch

  • Authorized dealers can give your item the best price – There are a lot of Rolex watch dealers online so it ideal for you to compare their services so that you can get the best value for your watch. A good dealer must have the right experts who can evaluate your watch for the right value of your investment. They can identify if your item is original or fake. Most fake Rolex watches almost look exactly the same as the original so dealers are more likely to look for more indication of its originality once items are sold to them.

Authorized dealers

  • Dealers will look for the notable features of a genuine Rolex like the bubble-like date window which magnifies the date in GMT. Experts will look if the date is a little off center as this means that the watch is fake, so dealers will not continue making a transaction with anyone selling fake watch. The hologram encoded sticker which is found at the back of the watch is another feature of the Rolex watch that they often look. This sticker is unique to the watch where you will see the Rolex crown logo above it. Experts at merciacoins.co.uk will know every detail of an original Rolex watch so you don’t have to worry about pricing your original used watch because you can get the best value for it.

bubble-like date window

If you are planning to sell your used or brand new Rolex watch you should try to get a valuation online so that you can have an estimated value for your item. This will help you decide whether it is worth to sell your watch or not.

Author Bio: Vance is an expert in selling and buying luxury watches. He also writes blogs about it online. To sell Rolex watch to online dealers check information at merciacoins.co.uk and make sure that you take a valuation beforehand.

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