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Top Wedding Trends Grabbing Everybody’s Attention

Wedding is all about hustle and bustle, fun and excitement and above all coming together of family and friends who you have not met for a long time. Having perfectionism intruded in every field, wedding occasion has also become such a matter where every aspect of it is now dealt with ultimate care and concern. This gives rise to a number of trends that make your wedding a special moment for both the guests as well the couple. Let’s take a look at the repertoire of suggestions that can make your wedding look the trendiest possible.


Destination Weddings

This is the current trend among fun lovers who take wedding as an opportunity to take break from the normal life and indulge themselves in celebration and enjoyment. Contrary to the normal church weddings where the whole setup is strictly formal, destination wedding is a great conglomeration of style, uniqueness, and fashion. These types of weddings win the attention all over because of the following factors.

  • The venue: It is normally beach or a beautiful estate where all the guests and family members can stay together and be the part of occasion. It requires them to confirm the availability, and the planner is given the responsibility of taking good care of the guests in addition to ensuring the ceremonies being performed smoothly.


    • Wedding dresses: You can choose the bridal dress as per the latest trend, and may bring beautiful modifications to the wedding gowns by reducing trails, or applying attractive embellishments to the gowns.
    • Food choices: Cocktails and cakes get interesting add-ons. The food arranger can name the drinks using initials of bride and groom; pudding and cup-cakes are also quite in vogue that are served along with the traditional cake to the guests.

Food choices


    • Guests’ gifts: The guests are gifted wine bottles or goodies bags that bear the wedding occasion date along with family name on the packing. This adds thoughtfulness and personal touch to the whole event.
    • Wedding pictures: The wedding photographer can provide you with umpteen options of making the occasion memorable for long time. Portraits look very beautiful and natural in the informal setting and the fun of getting pictures clicked at such venues is manifold.

Wedding pictures

Church Weddings/ Celebrity Weddings

The tradition never loses its charm and even the brides with modern outlook enjoy getting married in Church environment where the whole setup is quite holy and traditional. This wedding is strictly formal and involves only few guests that are very close to the family. But this does not stop you from making it as grand as possible.

Wedding pictures

You can make the Church wedding interesting by:

    • Declaring the dress code: Though there is a dress code pre-set in the Church wedding, you can still add your personal touch by suggesting colors to the guests.
    • Announcing surprise gifts for the best looking couple: Wedding planner can arrange mementos for the couple who attend the wedding best dressed.
    • Adding rustic feel to the whole setup: Wedding reception décor can be made livelier by collecting the center pieces with rustic touch.

Wedding reception décor


So, bring out the thinker in you and arrange for unique wedding that stays in everybody’s memories forever.

Sian Trenberth encourages implementation of latest trends when it comes to make your special occasions like wedding, first birthday etc memorable. Besides, he discusses the essential roles of a wedding photographer that can etch long-lasting memories in your life.

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