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Know the Type of Leather you’re Wearing Today – Information on Leather Varieties

When it comes to shoes, leather has definitely been the most preferred material for centuries. It’s astonishing to know that the use of leather for making shoes dated back to over 600 years. Even now, it is being used to make top quality shoes by various brands. Leather has several beneficial qualities, which the other materials lack. It has the capability of soaking up perspiration and removes the heat from the feet. Apart from just this quality, it is also known to be extremely durable and flexible compared to any other material.

Leather boots

Calfskin Leather or French Veal Leg

Another well-known category of leather is the calfskin leather. This is used to make premium quality footwear, which is obtained, from calves or young cattle, which are less than four weeks old. This leather is mainly used in the production of high quality footwear for men and women’s boots and is much more expensive compared to others.

Calfskin Leather

Goat Skin or Kidskin Leather

Kidskin is quite popular leather, which comes between the category of side leather and calfskin leather. It is obtained from young goats. This kind of leather is mainly used for the production of high quality shoes for women. Suede is the most common type of this variety, which is made by treating the skin with various chemicals and natural substances. This is soft and a lot smoother. This leather appears lustrous and has better grains. Kidskin is used for linings in boots, which can be noticed because of its butter yellow color that is pretty distinctive.

Kidskin Leather

Pig Skin Leather

Besides football, the pigskin leather is also used to manufacture high quality footwear. The latest development in technology has machines that can produce adequate amount of pigskin in good condition required for chrome tanning. Therefore, pigskin leather has gained a lot of popularity in the production of footwear. One of the primary reasons for using pigskin leather is its capability of easily accepting dyes, which enables the production of an array of footwear in various colors, especially suitable for production of women’s shoes particularly.


Amazing or Exotic Leather

Apart from the popular leather resources, there are several other types of leather derived by various creatures. The skin of these creatures is normally tanned for boot uppers and shoes and is used for trims and decorative panels for footwear. Some of them are:

  • Crocodile leather – This comes from crocodiles that are legally raised for this purpose.
  • Ostrich Leather – These are also farm raised and are easily shaped.
  • Shark Leather – This kind of leather is known to be resilient and resistant.
  • Lizard Leather – This is also another unique variety.

Exotic Leather


Year after year footwear manufacturers are finding materials to manufacture shoes by utilizing imitations like plastic and rubber. However, leather has a strong holding in the footwear arena as it was and will be the most preferred material when it comes to footwear. If you are zealous about shoes and you would like to get more information, then visit sites of popular designers like www.gipsydharma.com, and know everything associated with it.

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