How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Fabric?

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Fabric?

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Every time, one sees the bridal collection by any costume designer, thefabric that catches the most attention is the one, which has adequate shiny and decorative materials. Gaudy yet so elegant fabric is what a bride wants to wear on her wedding day, which is considered to be the most important day of her life.

It’s All About the Glitz and Glamor

Generally, bridal costumes are heavy and sparkling,but the dresses created by some fabrics by certain fashion designers are different from the conventional bridal costumes. How can tulle fabric create durable shapes and yet be so light? The fabric creates a very feminine look and is used extensively in gowns, veils and ballet tutus. Wrapping threads in a Bobbinet structure, which looks like a hexagon, usually makes fine netting fabric. This structure creates tension and hence the fabric can be shaped beautifully.

Wedding Dress Fabric

Types of Fabrics

They come in different types like that of silk, nylon and also in different colors. Different designers have used this fabric differently. For instance, Tex Saveiro used the fabric to make an ornate black gown for Lady Gaga’s cover on Harper Bazaar.

Veronica Etro used hand hammered metal pieces embroidered on tulle dress and scarves. Tulle is also popular in television. The opening credits in Sex and the City shows Carrie Bradshaw in a tulle white skirt. This scene caught the attention of many not only because a car splashed her but also because of her pristine white tulle skirt.


Tulle Skirt and Dresses

Online fashion retailer sells tulle skirt and dress, which can be worn daily. The tulle skirt can be worn with trench coats and knits. Tulle fabric is also used to make underskirt or petticoat to create a bell shaped structure. This fabric’s inherent quality makes it widely used material for veil. It allows the person wearing a veil to clearly see through yet mask the detailed features of the face. These fabrics are hugely in demand and hence are widely available online at bulk price.Made of nylon fabric, it is used to make lightweight bridal dresses, which look very elegant and sober.

Tulle Skirt

A Little About Its Origin

To go back to the past, Tulle fabric gets its name from the city of Tulle in France, which was a hub of Silk and Lace in the 18th century. These days, this fabric is also being used to make different bridal accessories like bouquets and hair clips.

Tulle fabric

These are easily available on websites online. These websites provide not only white garments made out of tulle fabric, but also a wide array of tulle fabric in different colors that can be purchased to make several items.

Various Tulle Prints

It also comes in different prints such as animal prints, glitters and shimmer to give the wedding dress a catchy look. Decorative items and ornaments are also made up of this fabric. These fabrics are not only worn by adults, but also by new born babies and kids. They usually wear tulle made dresses during baptism, wedding or other ceremonies popular in Western culture.

Various Tulle Prints

So, now that you know all about the tulle prints, it’s time to order one!

Marina Sanders is a fashion designer working for a leading fashion designing company, and she regularly contributes handy tips to assist the amateurs in choosing the right apparels, and accessories.

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