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Find the perfect jacket for your shape

Tall, short, curvy, straight… we come in all shapes and sizes. Some things we can change, others we can’t, so when it comes to fashion it’s all about dressing to your shape rather than trying to force the fashion to suit you. For example, you can’t grow taller or shorter, and no matter how healthy your diet some of us are just destined to be curvier than others. 

What looks great on that tall, slender supermodel on the catwalk won’t necessarily suit the average woman on the street. Learning more about your body shape can help you to make the right fashion choices, so you look and feel great. 

Be yourself

According to Beauty Riot once you have established your body shape you can find flattering fashions for literally everybody. Jackets are big news in the fashion world at the moment (not to mention essential for keeping you warm!) but unfortunately it is all too easy to fall victim to the latest trends without following your own route. 

perfect jacket for your shape

All shapes and sizes…

If you are petite then you might find regular-sized jackets swamp you, hitting an unflattering length and making your small frame look bulky. The best type of jacket for your shape is a cropped jacket, which will enhance your petite assets without overpowering them. Many retailers have specific ranges for petite sizes, so look out for these, as they will be more likely to fit your proportions. To see a great range of military jackets that are great for your shape, check this blog out

Straight up-and-down types can add shape and curves by clever use of a jacket. The real trick is to cinch in the waist by choosing a drawstring waist or adding a belt. This stops your jacket looking too bulky and adds some detail and interest, creating an illusion of curves at the same time. 

Those of you lucky enough to be blessed with an hourglass figure should be showing off your spectacular shape at every opportunity, so don’t swamp your frame in a huge, bulky coat. It can be tempting to go for these types of jackets for their cosy warmth, but there is no reason for warmth to mean lack of shape. An hourglass figure will look fabulous in a knee-length, belted jacket – if yours doesn’t come with one then you can customise your jacket by adding your own. 

perfect jacket for your shape

Pear shapes are those who are curvier on the bottom half of their body than the top. The key here is to add definition to your waist and draw attention away from your hips, so a belted style with a flared bottom will work well. You can also try to bring attention to your top half using hoods, fur collars, bright buttons and bold patterns. 

If you have an apple shape then you are heavier around your tummy, bust and shoulders. Try going for an empire waisted jacket, which will draw emphasis to your rib cage, or you could even try a funky, tummy-skimming cape. 

Larger ladies looking for a slimming effect would be wise to opt for a knee-length jacket with a row of vertical buttons. Dark colours tend to work best here, too.

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