Deciding the Perfect Flower Girl Dress for Your Little Flower

Deciding the Perfect Flower Girl Dress for Your Little Flower

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Imagine an angel, navigating the aisle as she allows pretty flower petals to escape her little hands, cascading down to the red carpet, and the adoring viewers marvelling at her dress. When your daughter is chosen, as the little angel and given the role of flower girl, she needs the perfect dress to fulfil her duty. How does one choose such a dress? What colour should the dress be? So many questions crop up in this decision.

Dress for Little Flower

A Basic Idea of Flower Dresses:

Dresses for flower girls are made using materials that have a shimmery or sparkly character to them. Lustrous and silky fabrics are used to make them. Before beginning your search, it is important to understand what your options are by examining what exists in the market. You could visit some of the top rated websites as to get an idea about the fabric used. Some of them include:

  • Organza is a synthetic material that is usually stiff and sheer.
  • Satin is a thick variant of silk that has a glossy sheen to it.
  • Tulle is usually a very fine material with starched netting that is made of either nylon, silk or rayon.
  • Taffeta is a smooth fabric being a light weave one.

Each fabric changes the look of the dress, and is different in feel and comfort. It is suggested that you try out dresses of each fabric to see which one feels the most comfortable.

Basic Idea of Flower Dresses

Dress Designs & Types:

Now that you know the different fabrics, you need to know different designs of dresses that are available in the market. A few such options include:

  • A dress with a sweetheart dress has a neckline that looks like a heart.
  • Some dresses have what is known as an “empire waist”. This is the most common style of flower dresses. It has a high waistline coming almost under the bust line (by a few inches at the most).
  • There are also “full length gowns” that come only up to the child’s ankle. These dresses look good on slightly taller girls.

Dress Designs & Types

Final Touches & Tips:

The key to the right flower girl dress is that your little girl should be able to carry the dress. More than just that, she should be comfortable in what she is wearing.

The fabric you choose shouldn’t leave her feeling uncomfortable or uneasy. It should also be something that is easy for her to move in, considering she has to move down the aisle without hurting herself. This is where the length of the dress plays an important role.

When you decide what dress you want to buy for the flower girl, you must consider her height. Taller girls should have dresses stitched or bought that are appropriate for their height. Shorter girls can wear simple styled dresses that bring out their natural characteristics. That is to say, the dress should match the child wearing it, and compliment her in every way.

right flower girl dress

Author’s Bio: Jackson is a kid’s designer and he usually gives tips on what kinds of clothes to buy for little girls. To buy dresses for your baby girl made from the best fabric available, click here.

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