How to Dress for Success

How to Dress for Success

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Now that you’re an up-and-coming young professional making the right impression on your clients, colleagues, and supervisors is important.  What you wear and how you handle yourself says a great deal about the success that you’ll have in your career.  In the world of academia you probably weren’t taught the basic skills necessary for planning the right wardrobe for your work environment but by following a few tips that follow, you’ll be a glowing success and ready to take the corporate world by storm.  Let’s take a look at some guidelines that can help you dress for success.

  • Your clothing should be conservative and not inappropriate for the workplace.  Even for business casual attire you should never show too much cleavage, your stomach, or your underwear.  Remember that good taste is always in style.

Dress for Success

  • Make sure that your clothing is clean, neat, and pressed.  You don’t want to have any wrinkles in your clothing, any rips or tears, and any logo that is unacceptable in the business world.  Wearing shirts and blouses that carry the company logo is usually acceptable and can show your dedication to your employer.
  • Your skirt length should let you sit comfortably.  If your skirt is short, too tight, and rides up in public it’s not appropriate business wear and should be avoided in your work environment.  Always try to avoid dresses that have spaghetti straps, mini-skirts, and sun dresses to the office.


  • Basic jackets are always in style. These pieces of clothing complement any outfit that you might wear to the office and can be dressed up for meetings and dressed down for casual days.  Make sure that the blouse that you wear underneath doesn’t have a low neckline which can detract from your overall appearance.
  • Keep your perfumes, jewellery, and makeup to a minimum.  Your co-workers may be allergic to overpowering perfumes so be sure to wear only a small amount if you wear any at all.  Be very conservative with your jewellery and avoid pieces that clang together and are a nuisance in the workplace.  Your make-up should complement your natural beauty and enhance your appearance.

professional look

  • Many companies require that you wear close-toed shoes especially in the manufacturing areas.  Don’t wear flip-flops, extremely high-heeled shoes in which you can’t comfortably walk, or athletic shoes which make any outfit look much too casual.
  • Your hair should be neatly styled and frame your face in style.  If you are letting your hair grow out you may want to use one of the walnut clip in hair extensions that are available to make your hair look uniform and stylish.  Make sure that you match your natural colour and choose a length that complements the shape of your face and your body size.

From your hairstyle to the shoes that you wear, you want to exude professionalism that is punctuated with an element of style and good taste.  Look your best, you’ll feel great and do an exceptionally good job for your employer.

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