Is Designer Menswear Lost on the French?

Is Designer Menswear Lost on the French?

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One of the leading fashion gurus in today’s world has questioned whether stylish clothes are a priority for everyone. Tom Ford was recently quoted as saying “France? I don’t want to be anti-French but there isn’t a more unattractive group of people on the streets.”

His love of London is obvious and wearing a tie is certainly not a thing of the past in his eyes; some of London’s finest restaurants demand it as a condition of entry.

Designer menswear for the fashionable

Designer menswear for the fashionable Brit

An expert opinion

Ford has run his own label for seven years now having been the leading light at Gucci through the Nineties and the early part of this century. His new London store has just opened and with a turnover of around 1 billion euro per annum he is obviously on the right track. “London is one of the few cities where people still dress properly and fashion exists” he continues. It is a view that may raise a few eyebrows especially in Paris but it supports the view of many fashion retailers whose businesses have expanded as they have embraced the concept of the Internet and e-commerce to add to the experience gained in their retail stores.


Success is based upon the range, experience and the understanding that service is important. It is not just a matter of getting someone to build a website and sales will flow. Retail experience face to face with customers is an excellent grounding for a company that wants to widen its audience.

Independents that have built up a strong relationship with the major brands can begin with the knowledge that they have the products that the consumer wants. It is a matter of presenting them to a wider audience by creating an online presence. Astute website design and easy to navigate pages that display the designer goods is a prerequisite to success, but there is another essential ingredient that needs to be put in place before developing the website’s visibility.

Designer menswear for the fashionable

There must be a commitment to good service, a commitment to the principle of creating trust with the audience and a simple and secure ordering, payment and delivery service. If all these things are part of the strategy, then there is an excellent chance of success.


The consumer has bought into the concept of e-commerce because it is so convenient and fashion is certainly a sector where quality independents have found a receptive audience. The creation of an audience can take a little time and regular news and information linking back from blogs and the social media to the core URL are a means of creation. Once there, buyers will see the quality of the designer goods that they can order at the press of a button.

Designer menswear suppliers are confident that fashion will remain very important to the people in the bars, restaurants and clubs of the UK. Independent suppliers offer most of the famous brand names under one roof and you can fit out your wardrobe in the latest fashions with a single visit to a quality website.

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