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Fashionable and Trendy Styling Sense for Women with Large Breasts

If you are one of those women who have been blessed with a huge bust then you have the option of trying out myriad of styling sense and look more fashionable in all senses. While there are many women, who wish for those huge lovely curves, it is also a fact that choosing a dress to cover them can be difficult at times. However, if you have huge breasts then feel proud and try some wonderful dressing styles.

Women with Large Breasts

Things you can wear for a hot look

The foremost dressing tip for women with huge breasts is that they wear dresses, jackets, swimsuits or tops with cuts that would lift and separate their busts. This would make you look less heavy and your figure will look good too. Choose proper kind of neckline, blouse, sweater or swimsuit.

If you wish to flaunt your curves then try wearing dresses with a plunging V-shaped neckline. A V-neck top or dress would divert everybody’s attention from the chest. You can practice few other things like choosing a cotton shirt or a jacket for the top as cotton will stick well with your body and make your upper part look thin.

Go for dresses with irregular cuts and just a single strap to cover the low neck for a feminine and graceful look. All such kind of garments would make you look sexy and attractive.

wear for a hot look

Things you can wear for a cool look

However, if you do not wish to emphasize your body contours too much with the above dresses then choose a sweater that has a loose fitting. The only thing to note here is to avoid oversized garments or else your overall appearance will make you look voluminous.

After all, the point is to enhance and skim your busty area without making you look plumper. You can also find some of the latest CP Company Goggle Hoody collections on their website.

wear for a cool look

There are other kinds of dresses too that you can wear:

Blouses –

  • Wear block colored blouses that tighten on the waist and gets loose on the bust area
  • Leave the top button of the blouse open for a V-neckline to get a streamlined shape

Tops –

  • Wrap over tops provide a good lift to the upper part and make you feel more confident
  • Wear tops with body-hugging cuts but with no cut or push on the bust area
  •  A narrow V-neck top would make your neck look slender and long and your figure amazing

kinds of dresses too that you can wear

Coats and jackets –

  • Wear single breasted coats or jackets as double breasted would make you look bulky.

Beachwear –

  • Try deep or V-neckline dark colored beachwear other than black like blue, violet, navy colors for a slimming effect.
  • Go with wide straps both for comfort and provide support to huge busts
  • Under-wired tops or molded cups for extra support and also for the waistline to appear smaller

Avoid wearing

  • Huge ruffles and frills, flowing design tops as they would make your busts look bigger
  • Sleeveless dresses and tops
  • High neckline dresses, halter neck, baby doll dresses, sequined tops,
  • Tops or blouses with horizontally stripes
  • Fabrics like satin, velvet, chunky knitted as all these provide a bulky look

Large Breasts

Author’s Bio: – John is a student of fashion designing and he writes about how oversized women can dress for various occasions. Check out the high quality CP Company Goggle Hoody collections on their website and order now.

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